Pipetech sets new company benchmark with flagship technology

Pipetech, the independent pipe and process cleaning solutions specialist, is celebrating after achieving an in-house record with its innovative Aqua Milling® technology. The company successfully cleaned a total of 270m of pipeline while negotiating a record 11 bends within a problem wax filled riser. Utilising a selection of bespoke cleaning nozzles, the company successfully removed 500kg of wax into enclosed vacuum skips with its first-class Aqua Milling® technology. The project marks one of the most complex projects Pipetech has worked on to date with regards to the huge number of bends to contend with in the riser. The internal wax waste content was cleaned using a water flow of 180 litres per minutes, at 900Barg. This scope of work demonstrated the unrivalled ability of Aqua Milling® to clean further and to a higher standard than other tethered cleaning systems on the market.