Pipetech technology continues to outshine competitors

Pipetech has affirmed its reputation as a solution-driven pipe-cleaning provider following a completed project on the Theddlethorpe gas terminal. Pipetech was recently approached to assist in the removal of unwanted black lacquer from 48 pipeline elbows within 210 metres of compressor pipework, ranging from 6” to 20”, at the Lincolnshire-based gas terminal. The bitumen-based coating applied during the pipework manufacture had proven almost impossible to remove, even after 27 hours of relentless cleaning using a BJV system and chemical applications. After exhausting more traditional methods of cleaning, the operator had considered the alternative method of cutting out all 48 elbows and grit blasting the pipe prior to re-welding. However, upon recommendation, the operator took the decision to investigate deploying Pipetech’s Aqua Milling® technology for the lacquer removal. Before being awarded the scope of work, Pipetech conducted a series of trials on a 20” spool section removed from the compressor system. Further testing commenced to optimise working pressure, the speed of hose rotation and the correct nozzle configuration, which resulted in successful removal of the black lacquer in just 60 minutes. Pipetech mobilised its specialist engineering team and in just one week, the lacquer was removed from the entire system. The cleaning proved not only a success for lacquer removal but also the removal of mill scale and surface rust debris during the process, eliminating any need for a final chemical flush.

  • Posted on July 23rd, 2016 in News

Pipetech launches patented technology for pressurised system

Pipetech has announced the launch of a new patented technology developed for pressurised systems, adding to its successful pipe cleaning portfolio. The Tool for Pressurised Systems (TPS) has been designed and patented by the specialist business to work in conjunction with its existing Aqua Milling® system. The game-changing product enables full removal of all scale and contaminates from a range of pipework, even in a pressurised environment. Pipetech’s solution-based approach to any project allowed its specialist engineers to identify the need for a reliable double-block and bleed pressure retaining device with an emergency shear valve and hose grab. This enables the company to carry out additional cleaning work in systems up to 60 bart. Despite difficult market conditions, the company continues to invest in new technology to ensure it is driving efficiencies for its clients. The TPS enables the Aqua Milling® system to reach up to 600 metres in a pressurised system and the product can be utilised without shutdowns and reduced downtime, increasing project efficiency. Pipetech’s specialist remotely operated technologies are efficient and produce high-level results. The company only uses water in cleaning, eliminating the need for environmentally damaging chemicals during the processes. By avoiding the use of hand-held lances Pipetech also removes one of the major safety hazards.

  • Posted on December 17th, 2015 in News

Pipetech sets new company benchmark with flagship technology

Pipetech, the independent pipe and process cleaning solutions specialist, is celebrating after achieving an in-house record with its innovative Aqua Milling® technology. The company successfully cleaned a total of 270m of pipeline while negotiating a record 11 bends within a problem wax filled riser. Utilising a selection of bespoke cleaning nozzles, the company successfully removed 500kg of wax into enclosed vacuum skips with its first-class Aqua Milling® technology. The project marks one of the most complex projects Pipetech has worked on to date with regards to the huge number of bends to contend with in the riser. The internal wax waste content was cleaned using a water flow of 180 litres per minutes, at 900Barg. This scope of work demonstrated the unrivalled ability of Aqua Milling® to clean further and to a higher standard than other tethered cleaning systems on the market.

  • Posted on July 30th, 2015 in News