Pipetech technology continues to outshine competitors

Pipetech has affirmed its reputation as a solution-driven pipe-cleaning provider following a completed project on the Theddlethorpe gas terminal. Pipetech was recently approached to assist in the removal of unwanted black lacquer from 48 pipeline elbows within 210 metres of compressor pipework, ranging from 6” to 20”, at the Lincolnshire-based gas terminal. The bitumen-based coating applied during the pipework manufacture had proven almost impossible to remove, even after 27 hours of relentless cleaning using a BJV system and chemical applications. After exhausting more traditional methods of cleaning, the operator had considered the alternative method of cutting out all 48 elbows and grit blasting the pipe prior to re-welding. However, upon recommendation, the operator took the decision to investigate deploying Pipetech’s Aqua Milling® technology for the lacquer removal. Before being awarded the scope of work, Pipetech conducted a series of trials on a 20” spool section removed from the compressor system. Further testing commenced to optimise working pressure, the speed of hose rotation and the correct nozzle configuration, which resulted in successful removal of the black lacquer in just 60 minutes. Pipetech mobilised its specialist engineering team and in just one week, the lacquer was removed from the entire system. The cleaning proved not only a success for lacquer removal but also the removal of mill scale and surface rust debris during the process, eliminating any need for a final chemical flush.