Pipetech's Active Process Management is a proactive approach to onshore facility asset integrity, focused on reducing shutdown time and maintenance costs.


Active Process Management

Active Process Management

Active Process Management


Pipetech’s Active Process Management solution drives efficiencies whilst maintaining facility integrity. The service provides onshore facility operators with a fully managed service for process systems from inspection, cleaning and repair with all integrity elements under one project manager.


Features of Active Process Management:


  • CUI – Corrosion under insulation inspection
  • Contractor selection and tendering management
  • Access – Bolting, Hot/Cold Tapping
  • General visual inspection
  • Coating removal
  • Cleaning – hydrates, corrosion, wax and scale.
  • Waste collection and management services
  • Inspection – PEC, UT
  • Mapping – Data Capture
  • Coating re-application
  • Monitoring
  • Asset improvement


Benefits include:


  • Increased cost efficiencies
  • Reduced shutdown time
  • Reduced planning and logistics
  • Integrated services with a single point of contact
  • Full data mapping and monitoring
  • Total project management
  • Complete insight into facility integrity


How it works


Pipetech have strong expert experience in onshore facility asset integrity. Active Process Management provides an effective maintenance campaign that delivers inspection, cleaning and repair with all integrity elements under one project manager.


We first conduct a full visual inspection using cameras inside the caissons to assess where any build up and defects may have occurred. The most appropriate cleaning solution is then selected to clean the caissons, with a full PEC/UT inspection performed afterwards. Complete maintenance reporting is shared with the client for all assets post-inspection.


We first map out the facility, identifying the process elements, pipework, tanks and towers. We then work with the facility management team to identify areas of concern during a general visual inspection (GVI). Depending on the result of the GVI we deliver the following services:


  • Bolting – full bolting and access management
  • Cleaning – risk based cleaning with a range of solutions. Performing higher volume, lower impact work throughout the year to reduce the requirement for frequent full system showdowns
  • Waste management – full self-supported water management
  • Internal inspection – utilising the right fit solution for the facility managers
  • Corrosion under insulation – inspect external pipework without the need to remove insulation and weather protection
  • Report – provide the facility with a detailed report and identification of hot spots for repair
  • Monitor – full facility monitoring
  • Improve – higher asset integrity and utilisation rates with reduced maintenance costs


Pipetech’s multi-disciplined team brings the added benefit of reducing the requirement for frequent full system showdowns and a single point of contact throughout the service helps to increase overall project efficiencies.