Aqua Milling® Fawley Refinery IE2018


Pipetech successfully cleaned using Aqua Milling the Cat fluid light ends and Fluid solid circuit with various lengths of lines ranging from 2 inch to 14 inches with a total distance of 1,237 meters achieved.

Many T pieces and bends were negotiated while Aqua Milling, resulting in successfully cleaning the lines, and in most cases removing a thick oily tar like substance.

A total of 1.3 Tonnes of waste was removed from 28 access points, waste transferred by a gulley contractor.


Most challenging pipework – fluid ends line ST10 – 10 x 90deg bends and then negotiated a T-piece.



  • Safety – Fully contained remotely operated Aqua Milling system.
  • Flexibility
  • Performance – A skilled and experienced team, providing the excellent customer service and surpassing customer expectations.

Key Project Facts




Product Line

Aqua Milling® & General Visual Inspections

A crew of 10 with the following roles:

1 Project Manager

1 Inspection Technician

2 x Aqua Milling® Teams:

1 Specialist Cleaning Supervisor

2 Specialist Cleaning Operative

1 Specialist Cleaning Technician

1 Specialist Cleaning Operative