If one thing is certain it’s that things will change.  Change is inevitable in all aspects of life, particularly in the world of heavy industry and operations.  It’s how we cope and react to change that matters, in many cases it helps to have someone to turn to, someone who can offer the right advice or someone who just knows how to fix things.


At Pipetech we put all of our energy into making sure that when things change for our clients, we are there to step in and support.   We believe that our clients should have a greater choice of solutions and direct access to the highest-quality service in industrial process system integrity.


<span>Offshore</span> Services

Offshore Services

Topsides / Caissons / MODUs / Subsea / Vessels / Wells

<span>Industrial</span> Services

Industrial Services

Pipes / Tubes / Tanks, Towers and Vessels





Our Active Caisson Management solution drives efficiencies
to reduce costs and time, whilst maintaining asset integrity throughout the lifecycle of the caisson.
This unique solution delivers inspection, cleaning, coating and planned and programmed maintenance and repair scheduling, all managed by a single point of contact

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Our Active Process Management solution provides a holistic approach to onshore facility asset integrity, focused on reducing shutdown time and maintenance costs. Through providing onshore facility managers with a fully managed service for process systems, we deliver inspection, cleaning and repair and all other integrity elements under one Project Manager and one purchase order.

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We measure ourselves by our code and commitment to you as the customer – Cleaner, Faster, Smarter.


We then apply our long history in industrial process system integrity to technically evaluate the options and apply focused solutions to the system. By ensuring consistency of personnel and quality throughout our projects, we give our customer peace of mind that their project is in safe hands. In some cases we bring in trusted partners, companies we have worked with for many years, that we know can add value.

Everything we do is aimed at maximising your flow and saving you time and money.

Our Process

A mark of a good company is one that takes an interest in solving a clients problem and committing 100% until the problem is solved and that is exactly what Pipetech did.

Fluor Process Director

Case Studies

  • Aqua Milling® Vacuum Pigging and Inspection

    Pipetech mobilised to the Preem refinery to clean a total of 10km of pipework. The intricate pipeline systems included crude oil lines, condensate lines, torch systems and any other oil holding pipelines. The pipes were from ID 0,5 to 42 inches.

  • Subsea DWCS Cleaning of a Service Line

    Pipetech mobilised, in just three days, to clean a 2” MEG service line, with a gel plug. The project took place at Edradour, Glenlivet field outside of Shetland.

    Pipetech was successful in removing the gel plug at first attempt. The scope slightly changed during the operation when a nylon plug was discovered in the pipe, after an ROV inspection.

  • Aqua Milling® and Aqua Sonic® cleaning of Heat Exchanger

    Pipetech using bespoke in house technology Aqua Sonic and Aqua Milling to clean 2305 tube inside a heat exchanger for Eddy Current inspection.

  • Aqua Sonic® 13.51mm I/D Heat Exchanger Tubing

    Pipetech using bespoke in house technology called Aqua Sonic® cleaned 160 tubes inside a heat for Eddy current inspection.

  • Aqua Milling 6″ Degasser Outfall Line

    Successful unblocking of a 64m, 6” degasser outfall line from one single point of access in only 3.5 hours actual cleaning time. Demonstrating to be the fastest, safest and cheapest alternative over previous traditional cleaning methods.

  • Aqua Milling® 18″ Produced Water Caisson

    Successful unblocking and cleaning of 18” produced water caisson (C05), through an initial tight initial bend with Pipetech`s Aqua Milling® System.

  • Aqua Milling® 12″ Gas Import Riser

    Successful cleaning of a 140m Gas Import Riser using Pipetech`s unique Aqua Milling® System with inhibited water.

    Pipetech mobilised to clean and treat a gas import riser which could not be cleaned by conventional methods due to the line configuration and platform layout. Using Aqua Milling®, the specialist nozzles and rotational hose negotiated 6 bends to 140mtr depth at 950Barg working pressure.

  • Aqua Milling® 1″ Small Bore Pipework

    Successful cleaning of 1” small bore pipework with Pipetech`s 8mm Aqua Milling® System.

  • Aqua Milling® 3.5″ Blocked Drill Pipework

    Successful unblocking and cleaning of 3 1⁄2” pipework with Pipetech`s 1⁄2” Aqua Milling® System onshore.

  • Aqua Milling® of Sounding Lines

    Pipetech assisted with the removal of corrosion product inside sounding lines.

    A leading oil field services provider approached Pipetech to provide a solution to remove problematic corrosion product inside sounding lines which lead into ballast tanks on board FPF-1. Other attempts with traditional methods by others proved unsuccessful. The corrosion was restricting the inner diameter and in some cases blocked.


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Pipetech Launches Active Caisson Management To Drive Efficiencies

Pipetech has launched a new Active Caisson Management service following a number of recent projects with North Sea operators.

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Pipetech Earns International Accredited Certification

At Pipetech we make it our mission to ensure our clients have the absolute peace of mind that their issues are in good hands and will be solved with high speed and high quality.

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Pipetech’s Managing Director to speak at todays Produced Water Management Conference

The annual event is held in Stavanger, with a focus on topics of smart technology and ongoing demands to meet environmental regulations in the industry.

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