Aqua Sonic® 13.51mm I/D Heat Exchanger Tubing


A requirement to thoroughly clean the heat exchange bundle remotely with no potential to harm individuals or any of the inner tubes.

Utilising Aqua Sonic® software, parameters of the tube bundle were calibrated to ensure no impact or damage to any tube during cleaning. A ram assembly remotely lined up the cleaning nozzle to each tube opening, each tube is filled with water to allow sound waves to cause resonance easing scale from the inner tubes.


Ability to clean the tube at only 75% of each tubes yield strength.


Successful cleaning of complex pipework within a time bound situation without compromising safety.

Unrivalled results, Pipetech continue to remove the toughest scale.


Safety – all cleaning was completed with both Product Lines remotely.

Best Practice – Aqua Milling® & Aqua Sonic proven to effectively remove hard scale over other unsuccessful attempts using chemical treatment along with traditional HP water jetting.

Key Project Facts


June 2013



Product Line

Aqua Sonic®

159 tubes, 13.51mm I/D, 3000mm length





"Aqua Sonic® is one of the safest, most environmentally friendly and highly effective cleaning methods available today. Using pressure pulses with water as a medium inside the tubes and pipes, Aqua Sonic® has many advantages over other scale removal techniques used around the world."