Pipetech initially mobilised to trial clean the inner walls of sounding pipework running to ballast tanks on board the FPF1 floating production platform. During this first mobilisation, Pipetech successfully cleaned sounding lines SB11, SB14 and SB15.

On completion of this succsessful work scope, Pipetech were requested to complete a detailed site survey to clean all 27 sounding lines on board FPF1. We mobilised 3 personnel to carry out cleaning and unblocking of 27 sounding lines on board the FPF1.

Aqua Milling® technology was chosen as the preferred solution for this work scope. Camera inspection was also used for each line to assess depth and quality. A post general visual camera inspections and sounding tape was used after Aqua Milling to confirm each line was cleaned.


  • The ability to remove all kinds of scale from a variety of pipework
  • A focus on safety and efficiency during high activity from other projects
  • Large Scope of work


  • Delivering an extended work scope on time, on budget.
  • Successful removal of a variety of scale using only Aqua Milling® in 27 sounding lines approx. 34 meters long from the main deck access points. Various diameter of pipes ranging from 2” into 10”/12”/16” and back into 2”
  • Completing pre/post camera inspections and sounding the lines with our own sounding tape.


  • Safety Fully contained remotely operated cleaning system carried out cleaning within a controlled area without need to expose personnel to potential debris or high pressure water.
  • Performance – A skilled and experienced team, providing the excellent customer service and surpassing customer expectations.

Key Project Facts




Product Line

Aqua Milling®




Ross D Sutherland Senior Verification & Integrity Engineer OPO West – FPF1:

"Thank you to the Pipetech team both onshore and offshore for the extremely diligent and proactive manner in which the scope was reviewed, scheduled and conducted, resulting in an on-time, in-budget delivery from an effectively self-sufficient mobilisation"