Aqua Milling 6″ Degasser Outfall Line


Pipetech mobilised to Judy to unblock a 6” outfall line which could not be reached by conventional methods due to the pipework length and bend configuration.

Using Aqua Milling® specialist nozzles and rotational hose, Pipetech negotiated 8 bends to 64 metre reach at 950Barg working pressure.

A Specialist Cleaning team working along side platform production operators, utilised an available tie-in point on Judy main deck and Aqua Milled the 6” line to clear a problematic scale blockage. Previous alternative cleaning attempts only managed to unblock the final bend due to restricted underdeck line access.


Time constrained to remove a blockage at 40m within a 64m degasser outfall line utilising only one access point on main deck negotiating one bend prior to entering system.


  • Pipetech ensured the line was completely blockage-free successfully completing ahead of scheduled duration.
  • Fully removed a substantial blockage and cleaned to a higher standard than previous traditional methods ensuring the line can return to operation for a longer period.
  • Recognised reputation with new client providing enhanced service quality along with introducing new technology to provide the optimum unblocking solution with minimal impact on POB.


  • Safety – Fully contained, remotely operated jetting system carried out cleaning within a controlled area on main platform deck without the need to expose personnel to high risk underdeck working.
  • Cost Saving– Aqua Milling® capability over traditional cleaning methods eliminated need to break into the line for additional access. Previous mobilisations using traditional cleaning methods required a rope access team, over board personnel watch and underdeck scaffold.

Key Project Facts




Product Line

Aqua Milling®

6” line, 6” tie-in point, 64 metres in length, 8 directional changes





"Aqua Milling® technology is often the only alternative to replacing piping systems and is a fraction of the cost."