Large Aqua Milling® & Inspection Campaign


Pipetech mobilised to the Preem refinery to clean a total of 10km of pipework. The intricate pipeline systems included crude oil lines, condensate lines, torch systems and any other oil holding pipelines. The pipes were from ID 0,5 to 42 inches.

Phase one of the project required us to create a project management team, who assessed the scope of work. Using our unique problem solving process, we listened closely to understand the challenges of the project. During phase two, we were able to pre engineering work to fully contain each system using a flanged face assembly, tailored to fit any pipe entrance during cleaning, leaving no spillages or debris for removal. Because of this, the execution phase ran very smoothly with high standards of interface with the Preem Refinery and good communication throughout.


Large scope

Short lead times

Number of simultaneous activities


All works completed without incident, maintaining Pipetech`s zero LTI record.

Work scope completed within intended schedule.


Safety – Fully contained remotely system ensuring safe operation with no incidences

Time – Successfully cleaned beyond target

Cost – Minimal rigging and dismantling saves time and people

Key Project Facts




Product Line

Aqua Milling® including safe scale return system Video Inspection

A crew of 18 with the following roles:

2 Project Managers

4 CREWS OF Aqua Milling® crew:

1 Specialist Cleaning Supervisor

1 Specialist Cleaning Operative

1 Specialist Cleaning Technician

Inspection crew:

1 supervisor

3 technicians

Duration 32 days





"The Aqua Milling® system is extremely efficient and cleans pipework without causing any damage."