In May 2016 Pipetech were delivering a range of topside cleaning solutions  on Snorre B fpv under a frame agreement with a major Operator.

We were approach at the time and asked if we could take our methods in to the subsea environment, to help with a scale blockage in a subsea water injection manifold, 380 meters below the platform.

Previous attempts had been made to clear the blockage with chemical runs and pigging, these methods had failed to clear the blockage and the customer had started to prepare to shut down the field and pull the manifold.

In response, we took our experience in cleaning pipeline and process system blockages, with high pressure water and designed the DWCS, a bespoke subsea deployed solution.

The customer liked the design and gave the go ahead to build.


  • A focus on safety and efficiency in all aspects of the project
  • To design, test and fabricate the DWCS within a 6 month time frame
  • To deliver exceptional cleaning in the subsea environment for the first time.


  • The successful removal of a barium sulphate blockage in a subsea water injection manifold, in 1.5 shifts
  • Saving the customer millions of pounds in shut down costs and the removal of the manifold
  • Delivering on time and on budget


  • Performance & Cost savings – This project was carried out by a skilled and experienced team, providing the excellent customer service, surpassing customer expectations and providing significant savings by negating the requirement to remove the manifold.

Key Project Facts




Product Line





Project Manager, Pipetech:

"The Deep Water Cleaning System (DWCS) enables Pipetech to complete cleaning operations in subsea manifolds, trees and pipelines in a fraction of the time, to a higher standard ocompared to conventional methods."