Aqua Milling® 1″ Small Bore Pipework


Pipetech were tasked to AquaMill® 21 flexible small bore pipes ranging from 1.315” to 1.66” internal diameter. Total length of each pipe was 10 metres.

Pipetech were approached to carry out descaling of flexible small bore pipework. Previous attempts using traditional retro jetting were found to be ineffective at removing the hard scale from the pipe wall. Pipetech set up an 8mm Aqua Milling® line and Aqua Milled the pipes at 650 Barg until returned waters ran clear. Post cleaning inspection found all lines to be visually acceptable and the pipework was ready to return to service.


Removal of hard scale build up traditional retro jetting techniques could not achieve.


Successful polishing of scale from small bore pipework.

All spent water was fully contained and filtered prior to disposal.


Performance – Fully contained remotely operated cleaning system carried out cleaning of difficult pipework were other methods had failed.

Flexibility – Carried out workscope at onshore premises with no impact on client operations.

Key Project Facts




Product Line

Aqua Milling®

1” line, 10 metres in length, internal diameter range from 1.315” to 1.66”. 650Barg effective cleaning pressure





"Aqua Milling® has the ability to clean to a higher standard, round more bends and over a longer reach – from a single entry point."