Aqua Milling® of 20” Overboard Line

Using Pipetech`s unique Aqua Milling® System, a 20” overboard blocked sea dump line was successfully cleaned returning to its intended free flowing state.


Pipetech mobilised to clear a problematic overboard line which was blocked by 80-90% of hard scale through a series of bends.

Working alongside the client to determine the best practice method for cleaning and disposal of waste.

A Specialist Cleaning Supervisor mobilised to complete a site survey identifying full scope requirements and methodology prior to execution of workscope.


Successfully managed to gain challenging under deck access to overboard line, tackling multiple 90° bends including an initial vertical lift of 4.9metres from point of entry


All works completed without incident, maintaining Pipetech`s zero LTI record.

Workscope completed ahead of intended schedule.



Safety – Fully contained remotely operated jetting system ensuring safety as priority

Time – Successfully cleaned within 12 working hours

Cost – Minimal impact on POB and plant hire period

Key Project Facts




Product Line

20” Discharge Line, 33.4 metres in Length including 5 90°bends, blocked with 80-90% of hard scale

Aqua Milling®





"Aqua Milling® system is extremely efficient and cleans pipework without causing any damage."