Aqua Milling® Riser Cleaning for UT Inspection

Pipetech mobilised to clean and treat a gas import riser which could not be cleaned by conventional methods due to the line configuration and platform layout.

Using Aqua Milling®, the specialist nozzles and rotational hose negotiated 6 bends to 140mtr depth at 950Barg working pressure.


A Specialist Cleaning team working along with an Inspection provider successfully completed a capability demonstration for the client onshore in Bergen, Norway ahead of mobilising offshore. This proved Aqua Milling® ability to negotiate tight bend configuration.

Aqua Milling® nozzle outlet

Pipework set up in Bergen


To safely carry out HP cleaning of 140mtr gas import riser utilising only one access point, negotiating 2 initial 45° bends.


Commendation received from Client.


Safety – Fully contained, remotely operated jetting system carried out within a controlled worksite.

Cost Saving – Aqua Milling® capability over traditional cleaning methods eliminated need to break into the riser for additional access as well as no requirement for underdeck scaffold.

Key Project Facts




Product Line

Aqua Milling®

12” Line, 10” tie-in point, 140 metres in length, 6 bends





"“Please pass my thanks to the crew for job well done. The crew put in the hours required to finish the job in a safe manner and co-operated with the team fully on all matters”"