Our advice on chemicals is dependent on the foulant, the hazards associated, the system, the location and access and, the desired result. We will technically assess all of these factors and suggest a chemical treatment which best fits the client and their requirements for the system.  We work with a range of specialist partners to ensure we get the correct range of chemicals for the correct project.

Chemical Solutions

There may be a part of the scope that would benefit more from chemicals than mechanical cleaning. We like to identify efficiency and pass this back to our customers.



  • Can be used to maximise efficiency of mechanical cleaning solutions
  • Can aid vessel entry with reduced venting and decontamination times
  • Maximised emulsion separation for enhanced fluid recovery
  • Can compliment Pipetech's existing service offering as inhibitors and preservation


  • Application methods range from mechanical delivery, foam, steam or direct injection when used as part of a full circulation procedure.
Materials Removed

Materials Removed:

  • Pipetech work with trusted partners to facilitate the supply of a range of pipe and system coatings to aid preservation.