Pipetech have developed the ultimate remediation cleaning system for subsea pipelines, manifold and trees. The Deep Water Cleaning System (DWCS) is a compact technology, one that will set an entirely new global standard for subsea cleaning operations.

The DWCS comprises a range of topside and subsea equipment to perform the subsea scale, wax and other foulant removal. This high pressure water supply from topside is routed via a high-pressure downline to the DWCS and out through a specialised nozzle at the end of a feeder hose. A subsea guide frame is used to locate the DWCS and thus secure the entry of the DWCS hose to enter the piping infrastructure.

The Deep Water Cleaning System (DWCS) enables Pipetech to complete cleaning operations in subsea manifolds, trees and pipelines in a fraction of the time it normally takes with conventional methods.



  • The DWCS frame is designed according to DNV 2.7-3, TR1231 and DNV-RP-H103.
  • The frame accommodates a single point lift with a 12 metric tons shackle
  • The design allows for a deployment through moon pool and/or by use of a crane from the side of the vessel.
  • Sea depth: 500m with topside High Pressure water supply (Optional up to 2500m)
  • Cleaning length: 90m (Optional up to 200m)
  • Cleaning speed: 1 foot per 2 minutes
  • High pressure water velocity 430 m/s
  • Can be operated in up to 4m wave heights
  • Once deployed uses its own subsea power system and doesn’t rely on ROV power


  • Manifolds
  • Trees
  • Pipelines
Materials Removed

Materials Removed:

  • Can remove the widest range of scales from all subsea pipework
  • Removal of stuck pig/bullet